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Admission Tests Bachelor Musical
Admission Tests Bachelor/Master of Arts in Music
Admission tests Preparatory programs
Admission tests Concertmusician
Admission tests Postgraduate Music
Admission tests for only collective courses
General Information


All prospective students must pass an artistic admission test.
These tests are organised before the summer holidays and in September. The prospective student can enrol for one of these sessions. Registration deadline is 2 weeks before the date of the admission test for the main discipline.

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Dates of the Admission Tests

The dates of the admission tests 2017-18 are available here. Check again the list shortly before your admission test(s), since dates and/or hours might change.

Admission Tests Registration Fees

You will be charged a 30 EUR registration fee for the admission test. Your test application is not complete until full payment of this fee has been made. Payment of the full fee has to reach us at the latest 14 days before the test for your main specialisation.

If you were or are already a student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and you want to do another admission test, you don’t have to pay the registration fee.

Testing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (no exceptions).

Admission Tests Bachelor Musical

Please follow this link to access the information about the admission test Musical. This info is only available in Dutch. If you don't understand Dutch well enough, please contact the student administration, so we can tell you what it's all about and how to proceed.

Admission Tests Bachelor/Master of Arts in Music (direction, music writing, composition, instrument/voice)

The admission test for candidates Bachelor of Arts in Music consists of two parts:

  • A specific admission test of the discipline you want to study (instrument/voice, composition, direction, music writing)
  • A general music admission test: intonation, music reading, rhythm, ….

General music admission test

The general music admission test is compulsory for every student, who did not acquire any credits in higher music education. It consists of:

For the students Jazz, this test will take place at the day of the specific admission tests. All jazz candidates participate in this test, even when they already obtained results in higher music education. More info about the general admission test jazz can be found in our online information brochure on page 52.

Specific discipline admission test (concerning your choice of instrument, direction, composition, music writing)

You can find the programmes in the online information brochure here at p 49-52 for admission at bachelor level. They also apply for the preparatory programmes.

For orientation at master level:
For the admission tests master Flute, Oboe, Cor Anglais and Guitar, click here.
For the admission test master Piccolo, click here.

Other programmes of Master have the same material for admission test as the bachelors, however, the jury expects a higher level.


the candidate can bring an own piano-accompanist or will be, only for current repertoire, accompanied by our professional pianist-accompanist (or harpsichordist). You’ll have to bring the piano/harpsichord score with you.

The president of the jury will mention which music works have to be played at the moment of the test. The candidate will also have a conversation with the jury about the motivation, language knowledge and interests for the study programme.

The jury can refuse a candidate if the programme is not correct.

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Admission tests Preparatory programs

Orientation tests for the preparatory programs are the same as those for the Bachelor, see p 49 in our online infobrochure.

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Admission tests Concertmusician

You prepare a high level music concert program of 30 minutes, of which the jury commission will choose a part.  If you studied before at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and obtained at least 16/20 for your specialisation (instrument) in Ma 2, you can inscribe without admission test.

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Admission tests Postgraduate Music

You prepare your project and send it two weeks before the date of the admission tests for the specific discipline (also possible for piano-accompaniment and lied-accompaniment) to the secretariat. This means a short description of your intentions and project (one A4) concerning the aims, subject and musical works you want to study during your postgraduate. For the admission test you prepare a program of 30 minutes, of which the jury commission will choose a part. Part of the test will consist of an interview concerning your music project.

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Admission tests for only collective courses

You can also register for collective courses (without specialization in instrument or other) after an admission test that is focussed upon the course to follow and your motivation (e.g. optional course coming from another institution; interest; deepening).

The following courses are possible:

  • Artistic Research Practices
  • Philosophy
  • Theory of historical performance practice
  • History of culture
  • Encyclopedia and research
  • History of music
  • Historical music
  • Modules ‘History of music’
  • Philosophy and aesthetics of early music
  • History of jazz
  • General Music Education (after general music test)

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General Information

Admission requirements (diploma, visa, ...)

  • All prospective students must comply to the conditions of certification. This means, for access to Bachelor level studies a secondary education diploma is required. For access to Master, a corresponding Bachelor diploma is required
  • All prospective students must pass the admission tests
  • All prospective students who don't have an European Economical Area nationality need to comply with the visa requirements. After registering for the admission test, prospective students will receive an attestation of registration for an admission examination required to obtain the visa.
    Please, prepare this matter well in advance!

    If you need assistance with this, please contact the students office at secretariaat.kcb@ehb.be.
    More info about visa can be found here and also here.
  • All prospective students from the P.R. China have to obtain a certificate of academic screening (APS). The APS certificate is also mandatory for obtaining a student visa to Belgium.
    More info here.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the Academic Year 2017-18 for Bachelor and Master of Music are 906,10 EUR for a full 60 credits programme for students from the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

In 2017-18 tuition fees for students from countries other than EU countries, , Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are 117,10 EUR per study point. Cost for a 60 Credits programme is 7 026 EUR.

Tuition fees for all Postgraduate Students are 1 400 EUR per module of 20 Credits (1 semester). 2 modules (the full Academic Year) cost 2 800 EUR.

A general working cost will be charged to all students at the beginning of the Academic Year, depending on the courses in the study programme of the student. For the Academic Year 2017-18 these costs are limited to a maximum of 262 EUR.


If you think to be eligible for an exemption, please fill out this downloadable APL form.

More info?

Do you need more info, please contact the Students Office by e-mail: secretariaat.kcb@ehb.be or by phone +32 (0)2 213 41 14, +32 (0)2 213 41 24 or +32 (0)2 213 41 23.

More info on studying in Flanders is available here.

You want to experience the Conservatorium in real life? In that case you are kindly invited to our Open Days.
The Musical Open Day is on Saturday March 18 2017 starting at 13:30 in Nijverheidskaai 170 (blok C) - 1070 Brussel.
The Open Day for Classical Music, Jazz, HIPP (Historically Informed Performance Practice), Teacher Training and Research in the Arts is on Sunday March 19 2017 from 14:00 in Regentschapsstraat 30 and in Kleine Zavel 5.

You want an intenser contact with our faculty? A preparation for admissions? Check the website of Muzikamp. During the Easter Holidays they organise the Masterclasses Brussels 2017 on the Conservatorium premisses and several members of the Conservatorium faculty will be teaching.