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Reading room

The reading room is free accessible for everyone who register in the guest book. WIFI is also free.


Students and teaching staff can borrow for free. External parties pay € 7,00 per academic year.


- 4 documents per borrower

- during 2 weeks

- lending period may be extended

- lending service is limited to recent publications only


On request reproductions, copies or scans, will be made. These can be collected at the library or can be sent electronically. To order reproductions, use the form in the library, the e-form on the website or send an e-mail.

Reproductions will be made only from documents that are out of copyright.

Reference room

The reference room functions as the searching erea fort he public. There are periodicals, computers a card catalogue and the loan desk.


In the showcases of the reference and reading room you will find an annually changing exhibition. Rare and interesting pieces from the collection are exhibited. Access is free.