Artistic Council

1. General policy vision 

A.   Purpose 

The main aim of the Artistic Council of the Brussels Royal Conservatory is coordinate, plan and regulate all stage performances in which students take part, inside and outside the Conservatory, in accordance with the instructions of the educational institution, including the full operation of workshops and master classes. 

Building upon a rich tradition as an institution of music education, the Brussels Royal Conservatory is dedicated to educating and training gifted students into excelling and discerning musicians capable of functioning in an international context and making a contribution to society. The artistic council pursues this mission through a holistic performance approach.  

The Artistic Council creates opportunities for students to perform so as to familiarise them with all facets of the concert as a performance through a clearly instructional approach. Its aim is not only to put on projects, but also to stimulate the students to take initiative on their own. 

B.    Artistic policy vision 

The student plays a key role in defining the programming, as all concert projects fall under the curriculum.  Inviting ensembles or orchestras not connected with the Royal Conservatory for an once-off concert falls outside the purview of the artistic policy.  Existing professional or pre-professional ensembles and orchestras are afforded an opportunity to perform only if this entails added value for the policy in general, to supplement and/or support a given project, theme or artistic approach, but such an occasion may not be an end in itself.  

All concert projects are planned in accordance with a clearly instructional structure.  The Artistic Council takes initiatives to improve the projects, e.g. by organising coaching for orchestra projects. 

The Artistic Council is in close contact with all actors, committees and councils inside the Conservatory, including: 

-       the education committees; 

-       the departmental board;

-       the library;

-       Trobadors;

-       Brussels Arts Platform;

-       the Brussels Conservatory Foundation;

-       Alumni affairs;

-       Brussels Erasmus College;

-       Other departments of the Brussels Erasmus College.

Cooperation with other cultural players in Brussels must contribute to an artistic enrichment and audience enlargement.  The Artistic Council consequently engages in dialogue with various music organisations in Brussels, including Flagey, Ars Musica, the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts, the Musical Instrument Museum and others. 

The schedule is drawn up well ahead of time, over several years. 

C. Composition of the Artistic Council 

Chairman: Jan Michiels; Secretary: Stefaan Guilliams; Members: Lulu Aertgeerts, Carlos Bruneel, Jan De Winne, Kris Defoort, Eric Robberecht

2.     Artistic Policy Plan 

The council charts a balanced programme, venturing into untrodden paths in the baroque, classical and romantic repertoire.  Contemporary music is an essential component of the programming.  There is no limit to the choice of styles and genres.  A clear approach is described for each concert. 

Nature of the projects:

- Practical training schemes in professional orchestras and ensembles;

- Workshops;

- Class concerts;

- Semi-public concerts/performances; 

- Public concerts.

Nature of the ensembles/orchestra forms:

- Large choir / chamber choir; 

- Ensembles/consorts/orchestras for historical performance practice;

- Opera projects;

- Symphony orchestra;

- Jazz ensembles;

- Wind ensembles;

- Chamber music formations; 

- Musicals

The ensembles in residence at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, including: 

- the  Brussels Chamber Orchestra; 

- the Brussels Chamber Choir; 

- Oxalys

will be integrated in the programme. 

A cross-sectional cooperation between the different sections of the Conservatory (jazz – musical and/or jazz – classical, etc.) will be stimulated.