A consortium has been created on the initiative of the “Fundación Albéniz” with the following participating partners: 


• Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona)

• Lithuanian Academy of Music (Litouwen)

• Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

• Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Stuttgart

• Royal College of Music (Londen)

• Escola Superior de Música do Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

• Fundación Albéniz (Madrid)


This consortium has developed the Harmos project with the support of the European Community. 

The project has a dual purpose:  to preserve and enrich our European musical training heritage and to create a “virtual” conservatory.  To that end, each of the participating partners had to contribute 75 hours of video-recorded courses (by their own staff as well as master classes – the Fundación Albéniz has provided 250 hours of instructional material!).  The archive boasts a total of 700 hours of courses.  The choices of instructors and master classes to be included are determined by the offer of the participating institutes and coordinated by the Fundación Albéniz.

These courses were analysed and arranged into instructional fragments in a subsequent phase.  The fragments were then divided into categories (composer, work, instructional content of the fragment, etc.). 

This fully analysed archive is available to the participating partners through a closed network. This means that our students can enter a few key words in the computer (composer, work and specific problem) to consult the courses of different instructors on that specific problem. 

This project is an important initiative to preserve and enrich our European musical training heritage.