PhD: The Brussels Arts Platform

A PhD in the Arts can be an ideal complement to you academic studies in Music at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (or another institution) The Brussels Arts Platform is there to help you with all questions concerning a PhD in the arts. 

The Brussels Arts Platform

• supports the efforts of the Schools of Arts, in co-operation with the Free University of Brussels (VUB), to establish a high-quality environment – both material and intellectual – for artistic research in Brussels, which branches out (inter)nationally
• contributes to the publication and circulation of artistic research results
• facilitates the Doctorate in the Arts, by ways of administrative support and by acting as a production unit
• stimulates all forms of co-operation between researchers of the University Association Brussels (UAB) and collaboration with external partners from both the artistic and academic field

The Arts Platform stimulates and facilitates artistic research, specifically the Doctorates in the Arts, conducted within the University Association Brussels and guarantees that each PhD project is embedded in an adequate research environment. One of its core tasks consists of supporting the PhDs on a production level.

The Arts Platform aims to be a forum for artistic praxis and stimulates the interactions and co-operation between researchers of the UAB and external partners, both artistic and academic. 

More information about the Brussels Arts Platform and its activities:

How to start a Phd in the Arts at KCB?

If you have a master’s degree in the arts and are a musician, you can start your own research project as a PhD student with the KCB. The conservatoire provides the research environment in collaboration with the VUB (Free University of Brussels), which awards the PhD diplomas in the arts. The Brussels Arts Platform Brussels organizes these programs.

To become a doctoral researcher at the KCB, candidates must pass three screenings.

1: Artistic Screening

Submit the following materials to Jan De Winne, research coordinator of KCB, AND to Inge Pieters by May 1, 2022:

-  CV

- an overview of concerts, CDs, and prizes

- two to three audio files

-composers should add two to three compositions

2. The PhD research project

If you pass this artistic screening, you should hand in a PhD research project before September 1. You can use a form for this.  

2: Live Screening

If you get a positive advice after sending in your dossier, you still need to do a jury talk in the beginning of December 2022. You will need to present your research proposal and give a short performance (linked to your research). In case of a positive answer of the jury, you can start your PhD at any time, on condition that all the administrative requirements from the VUB are fulfilled. It is important to note that an admission to the PhD in the Arts does not automatically come with funding.   

Admission to the doctorate in the arts program does not mean that this doctorate is also funded by KCB. The research council of the KCB decides each year in June which doctoral students will be funded for a 30% mandate with a duration of six years. The mandates then start in the following month of October.

For all questions on the application process, contact Inge Pieters.