Overlijden van Meester Gitarist Julian Bream

The passing away of Master Guitarist Julian Bream

Julian Bream Meester Gitarist

Last Friday 14 August Julian Bream died at the age of 87. The classical music here loses a musician who has undeniably meant a lot for the classical guitar.

Guitarist Antigoni Goni, head of the guitar course at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel since 2005, followed several Masterclasses led by Julian Bream. She also received the "Julian Bream Award" at the beginning of the '90s from Julian Bream and the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. Antigoni also maintained close contacts with Julian Bream Trust. On her initiative "A tribute to Julian Bream" was organized at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel in 2019. This would be the last event that took place when Julian Bream was still alive.

Prior to his masterclasses, Bream pointed out a composition that the students had to play before an internal jury who then selected the students who would participate in the masterclass.

In the eyes of us students Bream seemed to be a man who could be both very nice and extremely demanding and direct.

He had very clear ideas: for him, there were no half measures, music was there or not; and if it was not there, you had to work on everything (technique, interpretation, breathing, fingering, colours, dynamics...) until the result was achieved. Because of this way of thinking I appreciated him even more.

Through his recordings I admired him as a guitarist and through his lessons as an artist.

Antigoni Goni
Head teacher Guitar at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel
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