Course Of Your Studies

Consult the programme brochures for general information about the courses Music, Musical en Verkorte Educatieve Opleidingen in de Kunsten.


E.C.T.S. (European Credit Transfer System)

This system of study credits has been developed within the European Union to facilitate the comparison and interchangeability of study programs from institutions of higher education. One credit equals 25 to 30 study hours, thus the importance of a subject is reflected in the number of points it is awarded. 60 credits, or between 1500 and 1800 study hours, is required each year. This includes lessons, classes, individual practice and study.

All ECTS-files of the KCB can be found here.

Flexible degree programme

If you wish to follow one course, or a combination of courses not specified in the curriculum you can create a separate contract with the school. In this case you will receive a certificate (not a diploma) stating your level of study and examination results.

Full-time and part-time study

As a Full-time student you sign up for all yearly educational and study activities, minus exemptions, with a minimum of 30 credits each year. Part-time students sign up for half of all yearly educational and study activities, minus exemptions. More information about full-time and part-time study can be provide by the Student Administration.

Rehearsing in shool

As an international student it's not always possible to practice at home or in your room. The Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel offers the possibility to practice in its rooms so that you can rehearse without worrying about your neighbours. Rooms are available during the week until 9:30 pm and in the weekends until 7 pm. However, we cannot guarantee that a room will be available immediately between 10am and 4pm. We have a digital waiting system that gives you notification on your smartphone when a room is free.

International contacts

The Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music is part of an international network of music conservatories in Europe. As a students you can spend part of your academic programme (from 3 months up to 1 year) at a foreign conservatory or university. The study period abroad will be integrated into your curriculum at the Brussels conservatory without delaying graduation.

Supervisor of International Contacts: Jan D'haene

Ensemble playing

Ensemble playing, being a necessary element of musical development, is required in one form or another in all study programmes. Symphony orchestra, choir, Baroque ensembles, Big Band or Jazz Bands are some of the available options for you to develop your musical skills. More information on ensembles will be provided on the first day of the academic year.

Seminars/ Master classes

Every academic year extra seminars are a valuable supplement to the extensive number of available courses. These seminars highlight interesting subjects such as instrument building, acoustics, historical music, contemporary music, etc. The lectures are given by renowned visiting professors from Belgium and abroad. In some training programmes these seminars can count as credits.