Research Groups

KCB has seven research groups that together cover a broad field of themes and disciplines. These research groups support, promote and steer research, both for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers as well as for project researchers, for example, by organising dedicated research days and assisting the relevant researchers with, among others, applying for projects or holding research activities.

Each research group is directed by a responsable who, in consultation with the researchers involved and, when relevant, the corresponding study programme, structures and designs the research group’s activities. As such, the research groups help with the execution and implementation of research at KCB, ensure the necessary internal and external visibility of the researchers and their projects, and provide the bridge between research and education.

New researchers indicate which research group(s) they wish to join. We, therefore, advise potential researchers to contact the relevant research group responsable in time to discuss proposals for PhDs, projects, or activities.