“The Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, School of Arts in music, achieves artistic excellence which is permanently extending and expressing – internally as well as externally, nationally as well as internationally – out of the three pillars art of music, education and research. Its programmes in Music (composition, conducting, music writing, voice and instrument; classical, jazz and historically informed), Musical and the Abbreviated Educational Programmes in the Arts  are embedded in the Erasmushogeschool Brussel, in the cultural landscape of the multicultural capital Brussels, of Flanders, of Belgium and Europe.

KCB provides an artistic breeding ground for current and future generations of musicians and stage artists. With her first-rate artistic education, it develops artistic personality, knowledge and practice, reflection and expertise. Its musicians and stage artists contribute to current society as responsible, creative and entrepreneurial citizens. KCB depends on, but also supports, the artistic and pedagogical excellence and expertise of its teachers, who are themselves active and creative members of society.

KCB is a conservatoire ánd a laboratory of music. It bears, preserves, studies and passes her rich musical tradition from the past over the present into the future. In a stimulating and critical manner it is permanently supplementing, renewing and rejuvenating this process. Creativity is present in all kinds of musical periods and forms, from insight to performance, from improvisation to composition, from experiment to creation.

KCB is a hospitable artistic home opening her musical doors and windows to society and its diversity. It is in permanent dialogue and interaction with the cultural and artistic field, national as well as international, not shying away from challenges or diversity. After the challenges of the twentieth century, it is confronting those of the twenty-first century.”