Open House | Concert Series KCB Students

Open House | Concertreeks Studenten KCB
Small Concert Hall, Kleine Zavel 5 Brussels
Free entrance
None required

Students are given the opportunity to draw up their own programme

In the Open House Concerts series students from all departments of the conservatoire can submit proposals for their projects. This can be anything from chamber music, solo recital, jazz, improvisation, contemporary music... These concerts will provide more performing possibilities for students as well as stimulate student entrepreneurship for creating projects independently from the school’s curriculum.

Multiple projects will be selected and compiled into one large concert programme for a concert open to the public. This will also give the opportunity to get in touch with potential programmers, who might be interested in (parts of) the programme to be performed outside of the conservatoire.

Students playing this time:

  • Duo Kluza-Sporniak: Ravel - Sonata for violin and cello
  • Feel Huge / Huge Feel:
  • Passo a passo: Baroque dances on the baroque guitar
  • Ana Medina:
  • Evigs:

Covid Safe Ticket?

We hope to welcome you all in a pleasant and safe way. The KCB will therefore be using the Covid Safe Ticket for this event.

Good to know:

  • Prepare your visit now and check out the webpage about the Covid Safe Ticket. This ticket can also be printed.
  • In case you don't obtain a Covid Safe Ticket, you can submit a negative test that has to be valid within the limited hours of sample collection. The hours depend on the type of test that was used. Anyone can obtain such a test from a pharmacist or doctor. See here for more information.
  • Everyone who is part of the audience has to present a valid Covid Safe Ticket or a negative test, the mouth mask must be kept on during the entire event.

Because we hover somewhere between the education and culture sector and are also located in Brussels, it is not easy to map out these guidelines, furthermore the measures can change soon. We will try to inform you as precisely and quickly as possible. 

Thank you for respecting these guidelines, so that we can continue making music.

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