OsiRiS - Orchestral Instruments

OsiRiS: Orchestral Instrument Research in Synthesis

OsiRiS welcomes research projects that focus on the study of Western orchestral instruments and their performance practices, from the nineteenth century to the present. The topics covered by this research group serve artistic performance practice and/or its educational implementations related to one or more orchestral instruments, or to the orchestral ensemble as an instrument.

By definition, the research group is multidisciplinary and connects with at least two of the following research areas:

•    Performance practice within a historical, contemporary, or collaborative perspective
•    Reflection on instrumental technique and its development in function of a constantly evolving performance practice
•    Social-historical study of orchestral musicians as artistic personalities, and of orchestral life
•    Performance practice on orchestral instruments in solo, chamber, orchestral, and ensemble contexts
•    Organology of instruments after 1800 and instrument making
•    Repertoire study
•    Composition
•    [...]

Researchers can join OsiRiS from both a theoretical-framework and artistic-performative profile. In this regard, cross-fertilization between OsiRiS projects and research taking place within other KCB research groups is strongly encouraged.


Jeroen Billiet