With a Bachelor or Master degree in Music of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel you will have various options. A great illustration is the vast number of notable alumni that proceeded you. If you are looking to expand your musical expertise and develop your personality you are at the right address.

At the KCB we focus on the dialogue between the past and the present. An international team of renowned professors are there to coach you and develop your skills so that you can discover what you are truly capable of.

If you are looking for a practical formation as musician within our Instrument/voice branch (with its unique Historical Instruments (HIPP) departement) we can offer you a lot of options. It is also possible to transfer between certain instruments via shortened bachelors. In this case you are eligable for multiple exemptions. More about that can be found after choosing your specific programme below. 

Choose the main group of your instrument to get more specific information:

Orchestral Instruments

Polyphonic Instruments & Voice

Historical Instruments (HIPP)

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