Quality has always been a major concern for every artist for centuries. This concern for quality is always perceptibly present in the conservatory as well.  

A selection from our alumni list illustrates the results on this front up to the present.  These results are naturally reserved for exceptional talents, but those wishing to study to become soloist, orchestral musician, chamber musician, conductor, accompanist, teacher, etc., are entitled to high quality training.  A select faculty, balanced programmes, a world famous library and a fabulous concert hall help us to work further on this task every day. 

As the concern for quality never ceases, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our education and research environment.  This effort involves all concerned:  teachers and students, alumni and the professional world – through formal and informal channels.  On the formal front, in addition to various surveys, there are also meetings of three resonance councils where representatives from the various departments engage in dialogue with the professional world.  As all the staff are also active professionally, the field of action and the conservatory are extensively interwoven, so that there are always countless informal contacts and an ongoing information flow. 

To structure and monitor all possible areas of improvement, the departmental policy unit  draws up an action plan every year.  This umbrella plan covers all concrete actions grouped in 11 strategic targets to be pursued in the coming year. 


Since the introduction of the bachelor’s / master’s degree structure, such degrees can be conferred only by accredited programmes. 

Accreditation is actually a sort of hallmark granted by an independent organisation (NVAO) when a programme meets the minimum requirements in terms of level and quality.  So we do not oversee our quality on our own only…

The programme for musicals has been assessed at this time and we are waiting for the result.  The music programme was reviewed by an international commission at the end of 2010.  The  specific teacher training programme (SLO) is to be reviewed in 2011. 


Departmental Coordinator for Quality Assurance: peter.daerden@ehb.be