Big spaghetti event Brussels Helps @ KCB

Big spaghetti event Brussels Helps @ KCB
Open Days
Student restaurant, Kleine Zavel 5, 1000 Brussels
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Together with Sodexo, KCB/EhB is participating in Bruzz's big Spaghetti event. This will take place in Brussels on the 26th of November, but as our student restaurants will be closed then, we are already contributing on Thursday the 24th of November. 

For every pasta sold on Thursday the 24th of November, both Sodexo and KCB/EhB will give 1 euro to Brussels Helps. So we are counting on you to choose pasta that day! Below is a list of the different student restaurants participating:

  • Campus Kaai and KCB: Hot spaghetti with bolognaise or vegetarian sauce
  • Campuses Bloemenhof, Kanal, RITCS and Jette: Cold pasta cups with bolognaise or a vegetarian sauce

So here's the call: come to our student restaurants en masse on Thursday the 24th of November so we can transfer a fine sum to Brussels Helps. And on Saturday, you are welcome at numerous other addresses in the capital. Check here for all the details.

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