Serenade versus Mysterium | Woodwind Ensemble

Talisker - hout- & koperblazers - 201911 (f Kevin De Borger)
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Small Concert Hall, Kleine Zavel 5, 1000 Brussels
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Serenade vs Mysterium

Artistic direction

Carlos Bruneel & Alain Cremers


KCB students from the woodwind class of the Department of Music - Classical

  • Franz Schubert
    • Trois Marches Militaires, op.51, D.733 (arr. Jean Françaix)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • fragments from Don Giovanni (arr. Josef Triebensee)
  • Wim Henderickx
    • Mysterium 
  • André Caplet
    • Suite Persane

Introduction programme

he music of W.A. Mozart has undoubtedly inspired many musicians. His beautiful serenade Gran Partita has surely been an important trigger and inspiration for many specific chamber music with wind instruments. 

The Czech oboist/composer, Joseph Tribensee, who still played under Mozart's direction, arranged many arias from Mozart's operas. We perform a selection from Don Giovanni for wind octet.

For Jean Francaix, Franz Schubert was an inspiration. The 3 Marches Militaires, composed for piano four hands, sound extremely natural with a double wind quintet.

Both André Caplet and Wim Henderickx were fascinated by the mystical in Eastern culture. Suite Persane begins with an erotic nocturne, followed by a dance of spirits elusive in the mist and ends with an exuberant love dance.

The passage below from Upanishads (Hinduism) was the inspiration for Mysterium for composer Wim Hendericxk, who died far too early. This dixtuor also uses the extremes of side instruments such as piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet and contrabassoon.

Carlos Bruneel, professor flute.

Fragment from Upanishads (Hinduism)

Till there the eye does not reach,
The tongue does not reach,
Neither the thinking,
We do not know,
We do not understand

The minute you speak about it,
You are already on the wrong track

Deel dit