Composition & Music Writing

The Composition and Music Writing Research Group is situated in a broad and diverse field of work, where composers and creating musicians examine the musical language of the past and present from the perspective of their artistic practice. Special attention is given to the research and exploration of one's own musical language. The research questions are often situated in that context of personal experience and touch on problems related to notation, analysis, interpretation, performance practice, reception, etc. The added value of modern music technology, which opens avenues for new possibilities and musical forms, is also explored.

Collaboration in various fields illuminates musical language from different perspectives, but also creates challenges. For example, new models of analysis can generate new forms of meaning transmission and creation. The common thread throughout all these research questions is that artists strive to enrich their technique within their own or others' musical language and/or practice. Within their sound world but also on a larger scale in dramaturgical structures or musical forms in symbiosis with other arts.

Investigating with great curiosity, but equally with an artistic mission: the creation entering into a dialogue with the audience.



Jurgen De Pillecyn

Compositie & Schriftuur