Maggy De Ridder

Maggy De Ridder professor KCB
Cross-domain didactics 1 and 3 | Specific didactics of group music-making | Specific didactics of conducting | Internship supervision

Maggy De Ridder obtained first prizes in solfège and harmony at the Lemmens Institute. At the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel she obtained a master's degree in music writing, a master's degree in composition, a teacher's degree and she also followed choral conducting. She taught for more than ten years in the DKO and is currently active at the Kunsthumaniora Brussel and the KCB.

She is also co-author and editor of Da Capo, a musical-didactical publication (Pelckmans), conductor of a mixed choir and composer. She is regularly asked as a member of the jury and several of her works have already been broadcast on television at home and abroad. 

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