Mira Delbaen

Mira Delbaen
Acting teacher and researcher

Mira Delbaen teaches acting at the musical department of KCB (EhB) and is also part of the recently established musical research team.
She began her career mainly as an actress and as a freelance director within the Flemish musical context. Mira toured with a number of productions in Flanders and the Netherlands: Minoes (2007), De Kriegels (2008), Pluk Van de Petteflet (2009), De Heksen (2011), Piaf - de musical (2016), Songs for the fallen (2017) and Assisen (2019).
She has also taken several steps in artistic research, with her first project Gender! Or the legend of the trouser secret (2015), a project on gender identity, followed by Doedadis (2019), a project on emotional violence. For this last project, Mira received the support of Child Focus.
Her current research mainly deals with the Flemish musical context. She wants to study whether there is room to start new, innovative and artistic musical projects. 

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