Planning first day academic year

The new academic year starts on Monday 21 September 2020

The new academic year starts on Monday 21 September 2020
ATTENTION: The Musical and Educational Programmes will start on 5 October, more information will follow soon.

The new academic year starts on Monday 21 September 2020! We are starting in code orange, therefor this first day will be different from other years.


Who is expected when and where on 21 September?

All current and new students of the Music programme.

  • 12h00: all Jazz students (Bachelor and Master)

  • 13h00: all students Bachelor 1 Classical and Historical

  • 14h30: all students Bachelor 2 and Bachelor 3 Classical and Historical

  • 15h30: all students Master 1 and Master 2 Classical and Historical

You are expected in the courtyard of the main building where we will accompany you to the Concert Hall: Regentschapsstraat 30, 1000 Brussels


Which information will you receive on 21 September?

  • General overview of the academic year
  • Where you can find all the information about your courses
  • 'Who is who' => who you can turn to for which questions
  • For the new students we provide a tour of the campus


The safety measures for a smooth and safe 21 September!

  • Wear a mouth mask (compulsory throughout the Brussels-Capital Region and in the buildings of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel)
  • Disinfect your hands on arrival at the campus, we provide hand gel
  • When you arrive at the campus, read the signs and follow the instructions given by the stewards
  • Come to the campus not earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your session (entrance through the courtyard and the side door of the Concert Hall)
  • Leave one seat in between in the Concert Hall
  • Leave the building immediately after your information session through the main entrance of the Concert Hall (street side)
We look forward to welcoming and meeting you!