Jazz Compositie en Arrangement
bachelor of master in de Kunsten

Jazz Composition and Arranging

Welcome to the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel!

With a Bachelor and Master of the Brussels Conservatoire you are set for an inspiring professional career! If you want to join an international orchestra or end up doing something entirely different with your degree, our programmes are the ideal preparation for a bright future.

The KCB focusses on the broad artistic formation of each individual. The lessons are based on direct interaction between teacher and student due to the small amount of students in each class. The great number of orchestral productions each year allows us to gain experience on the stage and learn the ins and outs of the greatest pieces is in music history.

Student Music

Je vakken

To enroll in the Jazz Composition & Arranging programme you need to complete (at least) 2 years of our Jazz Instrument/Voice programme. Your programme for the first 2 years will be as followed:

Required Subjects BA1 BA2
Maininstrument I,II 21 21
Ensemble 1,2 3 3
Ear Training 1,2 6 6
Reading Training 1,2 6 6
Jazz-harmony and analysis 1,2 9 9
Arranging 1,2   3
Jazz-rhythm 1,2 3 3
History of Music (classical) 6  
History of Jazz 1,2   3
Piano (pianotechnique for pianists) 1,2 3 3
History of Culture 3  
Jazz Encyclopedia and research   3
Total 60 60


After this you can switch to the Jazz Composition and Arranging programme. The programme of your 3th year Bachelor is as followed:

Required Subjects BA3
Jazz composition 21
Arranging 2 6
Musical Instruments and orchestration 1 6
Ear training 3 3
Jazz Harmony and analysis 3 12
Harmony and analysis (classical) 3
Piano 3 3
Conductin technique 3
History of jazz 2 3
Total 60


Your master programme consists of the following courses:

Required Subject MA1 MA2
Jazz Composition II and III (Masterexam) 21 30
Arranging 3 12 12
Contemporary free counterpoint 1,2 6 6
Piano 4,5 3 3
Introduction to philosophy 3  
Harmony and analysis (classical) 2,3 6 6
Musical Instruments and orchestration 2 3  
Musical technology 1,2 3 3
Artistic Research Practices 3  
Total 60 60


Teaching Staff

In order to develop your talents to the fullest you need a teacher that is capable to help and motivate you in the right way. Our teaching staff is world renowned and have years and years of experience both as performers but also as pedagogues.

Do you have any specific questions before you register for the admission tests? Would you like to meet your teacher before you take the big step? Below is a list of all teachers with contact information.

(This list is still under construction)


Admission Tests

To start your study at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel you will have to pass an artistic admission test. For information regarding the admission tests - like dates, the programme you need to prepare, the admission requirements and costs - you can click on the picture below.

Any question?

For more information about this programme you can contact the student administration via secretariaat.kcb@ehb.be.