Bezige bij Fabien Degryse | Docent Jazz Gitaar KCB 2020

Busy bee Fabien Degryse | Jazz Guitar teacher

Fabien Degryse

Fabrien Degryse, who teaches Jazz Guitar at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel can undoubtedly be called a busy bee! 

In October 2020, he will tour with the trio L'Âme des Poètes in Wallonia and Brussels.

Follow them here and enjoy one of the concerts: Les Lundis d'Hortense - Le site - L'Âme des Poètes

As a foretaste a live moment at the Brussels Jazz Marathon a few years ago:


On top of that, there have recently been two released CDs on which his name is prominently featured:

CD with the trio l’Ame des Poètes: « Le Métèque » 

Le Métèque — Igloo Records


CD with the quartet of Phil Abraham: « Beauty first »

Beauty First | Phil Abraham - Official Website

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