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bachelor of master in de Kunsten

Jazz Saxophone/Woodwind

Welcome to the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel!

With a Bachelor and Master of the Brussels Conservatoire you are set for an inspiring professional career! If you want to join an international orchestra or end up doing something entirely different with your degree, our programmes are the ideal preparation for a bright future. 

I think the best thing about studying at KCB is that there are a lot of meta elements here: you can play anything you want and the jazz professors will give you the best advice to support the type music you want to play. This is how I was able to fully develop my music style.

Yu Tao KCB 2023
Yu Tao
Student Jazz Saxophone

Your subjects


Required subjects Ba1 (CR) BA2 (CR) BA3 (CR)
Main instrument I, II, III 21 21 21
Ensemble 1, 2, 3 3 3 9
Ear training 1, 2, 3 6 6 3
Reading training 1, 2 6 6  
Jazz harmonie and analysis 1, 2, 3 9 9 12
Arranging 1, 2   3 6
Jazz rhythm 1, 2 3 3  
History of music (classical) 6    
History of jazz 1, 2   3 3
Piano (pianotechnique for pianists) 1, 2, 3 3 3 3
History of culture 3    
Jazz encyclopedia and research   3  
Optional subjects     3
Total  60 60 60
Required subjects Ma1 (CR) Ma2 (CR)
Main instrument IV, V (master exam) 27 30
Ensemble 4, 5 12 15
Jazz analysis 6  
Free improvisation   6
Concert playing Jazz 1, 2 3 3
Introduction to philosophy 3  
Artistic Research Practices 3  
Optional subjects 6 6
Total  60 60

Teaching Staff

In order to develop your talents to the fullest you need a teacher that is capable to help and motivate you in the right way. Our teaching staff is world renowned and have years and years of experience both as performers but also as pedagogues. 
Do you have any specific questions before you register for the admission tests? Would you like to meet your teacher before you take the big step? Below is a list of all teachers with contact information.

John Ruocco

John Ruocco

Professor Jazz Ensemble

A bio will follow shortly.

Contact John:


Jeroen Van Herzeele

Jeroen Van Herzeele

Professor Jazz Saxophone

Jeroen Van Herzeele had the opportunity to perform jazz standards at an early age on stage considering that his father was a musician too. After a short study of classic saxophone, he dedicated his life to jazz music and started attending workshops and seminars, in the meanwhile following courses at the Jazzstudio in Antwerp.

Jeroen soon started exploring other forms of music (free jazz, rock, blues, soul, gospel,...), elements clearly present on Gratitude Trio recordings. He found his own sound on the instrument, intimate, spiritual and instinctive, a sound in accordance with his soul. He is constantly perfecting the jazz language, seeking the experiment in a soulful confrontation with the challenges of a changing world.

He likes to let his far out improvisations being carried on a city jungle beat, modern dance rhythms, without losing his acoustic power, breath.

Contact Jeroen:


Bruno Vansina

Bruno Vansina

Teacher Jazz Saxophone

Vansina [...] manifests himself as an ardent and agile alto saxophonist who plays compelling solos and draws angular lines. Though he is able to play a dragging ballad subtly and eloquently. (c) De Standaard 2012.
Saxophonist Bruno Vansina studied in Antwerp, The Hague and Brussels with among others Bart Defoort and John Ruocco. In 2003 he won the Prize for Best Soloist at the Breda Jazz Competition, part of the Frederik Leroux Quintet.
Vansina is perhaps best known in his own country for his work with the big band Flat Earth Society (FES). He is active in groups like Rebirth Collective and in the recent past in Ewout Pierreux 5, Tuesday Night Orchestra, Simple, Little Dots ... and has been a frequent guest at the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Scoreman, Pieter Embrechts, Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven, El Tattoo Del Tigre ...

But you only get to know the true Vansina through his own projects, including the trio Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmunsson. A number of CDs of this trio have already been released on RAT Records (the label Vansina founded with Teun Verbruggen): Trio Music, In Orbit, Tokyo Qunatize.
More info can be found on his website.

As of the academic year 2020-2021, Bruno Vansina teaches Jazz Saxophone at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, succeeding John Ruocco.

Contact Bruno:


Admission Tests

To start your study at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel you will have to pass an artistic admission test. For information regarding the admission tests - like dates, the programme you need to prepare, the admission requirements and costs - you can click on the picture below.

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For more information on this programme you can contact the student administration via secretariaat.kcb@ehb.be.