Collective Creation

Research day | Collective Creation KCB 2021 (f Pepa Niebla, The Fog House Photography)
Aula 040, Kleine Zavel 5, 1000 Brussels
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Collective Creation

The artistic, scientific and practice based research at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel is fully integrated into the Music and Musical curricula and all education is research driven. Its objective is to educate wellinformed, high level musicians who are able to reflect critically upon their own musical practice. The research is driven by the research council Trobador.

The research group Collective Creation explores and questions the contemporary functioning of creative roles inherited from the Western classical music tradition. Our activities develop along two tracks. The first track consists of case studies of recent works. In these studies we investigate the relationship between composer, score, and performer in actual musical practice. We compare this practical reality to notions of authorship that might be present in the discursive context surrounding the work.

The second track is geared towards setting up collaborative creative structures that aim to move and potentially blur the lines between traditional roles like composer, performer, and audience. In so doing we wish to examine the power structure these roles imply, and their effect on musical production.

Covid Safe Ticket?

For smaller events in the context of the curriculum like; caleidoscoop concerts, workshops, lectures and Masterclasses there's no need of a Covid Safe Ticket. Therefor the audience can consist of maximum 50 people and they all have to wear a mouth mask during the event + leave one empty seat in between.

Attending the event is on a first-come, first-served basis. If the maximum number of attendees is reached, you will unfortunately be denied access to the event.

Because we hover somewhere between the education and culture sector and are also located in Brussels, it is not easy to map out these guidelines, furthermore the measures can change soon. We will try to inform you as precisely and quickly as possible. 

Thank you for respecting these guidelines, so that we can continue making music.

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