Historically & Culturally Informed Performance Practices

The central focus of the research group Historically & Culturally Informed Performance Practices is the aural (and, when relevant, also visual) reality of the performance of West European historical music within its original cultural context, and the relevance thereof for present-day performances.

  • HIP/CIP research topics will cover typical elements of historical performance technique and style such as:
  • instrumental / vocal techniques;
  • acting / staging techniques;
  • ornamentation & improvisation;
  • tuning / temperament & pitch;
  • tempo / metre;
  • articulation / bowing;
  • rhetoric / agogic;
  • instrumentation, and ensemble disposition.

Equally acceptable, however, are topics of a more interdisciplinary character such as:

  • the development of instrument making;
  • aspects of music notation, theory, and composition;
  • historical pronunciation;
  • acoustics of historical venues;
  • the relation performer-audience, etc.


Coordinator: Jan De Winne

Historisch & Cultureel Geïnformeerde Uitvoeringspraktijken