Performances of Woodwinds summer & autumn 2021 KCB

Achievements of Woodwinds summer & autumn 2021

Achievements students and alumni


Dutch international flute and piccolo competition 2021
  • Mark Yakovlev (BA1) won the 3rd prize in the YOUNG TALENTS category.
  • Juliette Ferreira (MA2 flute 2020) won the 2nd prize in the PICCOLO category.
  • David Silva (MA2 June 2021) won the 3rd prize in the MASTERS category.


Orchestra Academy 
  • Célestine Wacquez (flute).
  • Moïra Michelazzo (clarinet).
  • Raoul Vieceiro Fernandez (bassoon).
Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Belgische Luchtmacht (Royal Music Chapel of the Belgian Air Force)
  • Heidi Wayenberg (MA2 flute 2018 and piccolo 2020) has been appointed flautist/piccolo (August 2021).
Civic Orchestra of Chicago
  • Katarina Ignatovic (MA2 flute in 2021) is a member of the "Civic Orchestra of Chicago", a training orchestra related to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Romanian National Opera
  • Alexandru Pavaloiu (Concert Musician oboe) won the audition in Bucharest and is now the oboe soloist at the National Opera.
Dutch international flute and piccolo competition 2021

Erasmus exchanges

Our institution, just like music, is boundless and we are proud of our professors who represent our school worldwide. 
Carlos Bruneel, flute professor, had a pleasant and instructive Erasmus exchange with the conservatoire of Mainz.
Erasmus exchanges Mainz & KCB
Erasmus exchanges Mainz & KCB

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