Horn player Anthony Devriendt strengthens KCB's teaching team 2024

Horn player Anthony Devriendt strengthens KCB's teaching team

Anthony Devriendt

Anthony Devriendt, horn soloist at the Belgian National Orchestra, is strengthening the teaching team at KCB, the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. Working closely with current professor of horn and natural horn Jeroen Billiet, he will guide horn students in their bachelor's and master's programmes as of academic year 24-25.

Joining the forces of two outstanding horn players with extremely diverse expertise, following in the footsteps of leading former professors Luc Bergé and André Van Driessche, further builds on the long horn tradition that characterises KCB. 
With the recruitment of Devriendt as co-professor, KCB consolidates its position as a leading conservatoire for horn by offering a high-quality and student-oriented hands-on programme for the instrument. This unique partnership with a strong international dimension offers current and future students a wide range of opportunities in high-level performance, teaching, research and in the wider arts field.

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Hoornist Anthony Devriendt versterkt het docententeam van KCB 2024

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