Viviane Spanoghe

Viviane Spanoghe
Professor Cello

Internationally renowned, Viviane Spanoghe is an outstanding cellist who expresses her ideals with passion and determination. She studied with André Messens, Maria Kliegel and János Starker.

She performs as a soloist and chamber musician in both domestic and foreign venues. Her principal duo with pianist André De Groote has been a landmark of Belgian musical life between 1981-2011. Since then, she played with other great artists such as Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Denis Pascal and Jan Michiels to name but a few.

In addition to her extensive Classical repertoire, Viviane Spanoghe has mastered many unjustly neglected or unknown works of the past. Since her twenties, she has also promoted contemporary music in general and inspired composers to write for her, thus gradually opening new worlds of sound and cello technique. 

Her numerous recordings, all reflecting a powerfully sensitive personality, have been widely acclaimed in both national and international press. 

Professor at the Brussels Conservatoire, Viviane Spanoghe persues her art and her pedagogy within a holistic framework, based on a broad view of humanity, music and society.

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