Musical | Research Day

Onderzoeksdag Musical KCB 2024
Research activities
Campus Kaai, Nijverheidskaai 170, 1070 Anderlecht (Brussels)
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This research day will consist of lectures by researchers from the field. The lectures will be alternated with musical interludes and we will conclude with a convivial cheese and wine evening to which the Musical alumni are most welcome.

Researchers and speakers will be announced soon.

This Research Day is co-organised by our Head of Musical, Lulu Aertsgeerts and research coordinator Kristin Van den Buys.

By including research subjects in the curricula of the transition year and the master's degree, the programme aims to give students the opportunity to graduate as autonomous, inquisitive artists who can set up their own projects and offer a response to the current practice of the Musical Arts, which is situated more in the commercial sphere. This branch of our industry is certainly not underestimated: the productions are easily accessible and attract many people to the theatre. Moreover, these productions are put on stage in a very professional way and provide work for many of our alumni. There is no doubt that some students start the bachelor's programme in order to make their dreams come true and shine in these productions. We help them do that, we train excellent Musical performers, and we are proud when their dream comes true.

Lulu Aertgeerts
Lulu Aertgeerts
Head of Musical department KCB
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