Anneleen Lenaerts

Harpist Anneleen Lenaerts joins the Polyphonic team

Anneleen Lenaerts

The Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel is pleased and proud to announce that Anneleen Lenaerts, harpist, has accepted the recent request from the KCB to join the teaching staff.

Anneleen Lenaerts is known to the general public as solo harpist at the Wiener Philharmoniker, but is also an extremely versatile musician. You can consult her biography here. KCB wishes her success in her new assignment!

The Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel would like to thank her predecessor, harpist Jana Bouskova, for her past commitment and wishes her success in her future career. Unfortunately, we were forced to end the collaboration. Contrary to what messages on social media might suggest, there were solid reasons for this decision. Therefore we explicitly distance ourselves from any incorrect statements that have been published regarding this matter. Despite the short notice, Anneleen Lenaerts has accepted our request to provide replacement for this year. We would like to stress that the appointment of the new teacher is not the cause of the termination of Ms. Bouskova's contract.

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