Studying Film Music at KCB as of 2023-2024

Studying Film Music with new composition professor Michelino Bisceglia

Studying Film Music at KCB, the Flemish conservatoire located in Brussels

As of academic year 2023-2024, it will be possible to take the Composition/Film Music specialisation at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (KCB), the Flemish conservatoire located in Brussels. Thanks to this expansion of the Composition programme, KCB offers students the opportunity to focus in composing music for films, which is a profession that is increasing in importance.

This new orientation will be taught by none other than renowned film composer Michelino Bisceglia. Bisceglia is a renowned Belgian composer who has already won many awards for his work in the film industry. Among others, he won a World Soundtrack Award for his work on Stijn Coninx's film "Marina", and was recently nominated by the International Film Music Critics Association - IFMCA for "Breakthrough composer of the Year".
With the addition of Michelino Bisceglia as professor, KCB offers students the chance to learn from an experienced professional and specialise in an increasingly important field. The Composition/Film Music programme is designed for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree in music and want to delve further into composing music for films.

Michelino Bisceglia new composition professor

As of the 2023-2024 academic year, composer Michelino Bisceglia will strengthen the teaching team of the Composition programme, offering a new orientation: Composition/Film Music.
He already taught at KCB and will continue to teach the Jazz Composition & Arrangement disciplines.

Michelino Bisceglia has been active in the musical field for more than three decades. His work has been recognised and celebrated at various international events and festivals.

Bisceglia's work as a film composer began later in his career, since then he has composed soundtracks for numerous feature films that have been screened at prestigious festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival. He was the composer for the 10-part series "Thieves of the Wood", which was released worldwide on Netflix in 2020. In addition, Bisceglia has composed music for several exhibitions, including the highly acclaimed "Claude Monet Immersive Experience". He has won several awards for his work in film music, including the World Soundtrack Award Public Choice in 2014 for his work on the film "Marina" directed by Stijn Coninx. In 2022, he received another nomination for the World Soundtrack Award 2022 for his soundtrack of the Canadian-British animated drama "Charlotte", starring Keira Knightly. His most recent nomination this time was for "Breakthrough composer of the Year" by the International Film Music Critics Association - IFMCA.

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Studying Film Music at KCB as of 2023-2024

With the growing demand for music for films and series, we offer students a unique opportunity to focus in this field and prepare for a career in the film industry. We are proud to attract such a renowned composer as Michelino Bisceglia as a professor in the field of Film Music.

Studying Film Music at KCB as of 2023-2024
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