BAM 2016

"We need to incorporate music into our school curriculum and reintroduce it for everyone.' Martijn Dendievel

Alumnus of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel Martijn Dendievel, assistant conductor of Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen, reports in an opinion piece of the Knack: 'Unfortunately, music is (almost) no longer an element in our education.'

"I read with great interest in the coalition agreement good intentions and important decisions to improve the quality of our education. Plenty of dedication to linguistics, knowledge of history and current affairs, reducing the workload for our teachers,... These are all things that I can only applaud.

However, one thing missed out. It is something that any child can develop. It is something that creates a sense of belonging and helps develop social skills. It is something that teaches children to discover their own feelings. It is something that is a kind of miracle elixir for improving study performance, because, among other things, it increases cognitive capacities.

Could you guess what I'm writing about? I'm referring to music. Singing, playing, humming, listening, just doing something with music! Unfortunately, music is (almost) no longer an element in our education.'


Read the entire opinion piece in Knack. Martijn explains, by presenting studies and experiments, how important music education is for everyone. (Only in Dutch)

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