Musical gets 25 candles KCB JAN2020

Musical gets 25 candles

Two birthdays make the party twice as big

The School of Arts of the Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) is celebrating two anniversaries this year. The Musical Department of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel celebrates its 25th anniversary and the Stage Techniques Department of the RITCS celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark this anniversary, students are bringing together with the Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Gidsen the musical 'The Story of Sacco & Vanzetti' by Dirk Brossé and Frank Van Laecke.

For this prestigious project, thirty-five Musical students, seven Stage Techniques students and about fifty musicians from the Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Gidsen are working together. 'The Story of Sacco & Vanzetti' is about a lawsuit in the United States in which two Italian guest workers are falsely accused of a double murder. A story about the current hot topic of migration.

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The production will take place on 8, 9 and 10 May 2020 at the Zinnema in Anderlecht. Tickets will be available soon.

Lulu Aertgeerts, head of the Musical Department Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

To celebrate our anniversaries we join forces with great pleasure. With this cross-over we want to give Musical a landing spot in Brussels. Zinnema is the perfect partner to bring a musical in the heart of Anderlecht.

Lulu Aertgeerts

Yves Segers, Kapellmeister of the Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Gidsen and teacher at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

Together with the Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Gidsen, we were looking for a new challenging project to bring out our Belgian composers. We are therefore very pleased that we can give the students the experience of being on stage with a professional wind orchestra.

Yves Segers

Harry Cole, Head of the RITCS Stage Techniques Department

About seven students have been working fulltime on this project since January. We train our students to be creators who dare to enter into dialogue with directors and scenographers.

Harry Cole
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