opera 'The Glacier'

Opera Christian Klinkenberg at BOZAR

The Glacier - Opera 2.0

On the 27th of October the opera 'The Glacier' by Christian Klinkenberg will be presented at BOZAR. He composed this opera as part of the artistic portfolio for his PhD in the Arts at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and VUB.

Why Opera 2.0? New territory is tantalizingly available in practically all facets of this production. First, the musicians will have abandoned sheet music in favor of a graphic video score that permits a much more intuitive style of playing, with fluent combinations of music styles, including avant-garde, music, jazz and rock. Second, the leading role is a "virtual" singer on a video screen. Third, musicians perform on specially constructed musical instruments, designed to play in rare tuning systems. The results are unique melodies and newly imagined harmonies. "Cross of the Enganged", following his "The Glacier - Opera 2.0“ is Klinkenberg’s second opera.

More information and tickets through BOZAR.

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