Titel tijdschrift / Title of the periodical Embargo 
19th-Century Music 4 years
21st-Century Music  
Acta Musicologica 4 years
Action, criticism and theory for music education  
African Music 6 years
American Choral Review  
American Harp Journal  
American Music 3 years
American Music Teacher 4 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
American Record Guide  
Annual Organ Atlas  
Anuario Interamericano de Investigacion Musical  
Anuario musical  
Archiv für Musikwissenschaft 2 years
Asian Music 6 years
Australian Journal of Music Therapy  
Australian Voice  
Bach prespectives  
Beethoven Forum  
Black Music Research Journal 4 years
Bluegrass Now  
Brahms studies  
British Journal of Ethnomusicology  
British postgraduate musicology  
Cambridge Opera Journal 6 years
Canadian Folk Music/Musique folklorique canadienne  
Canadian Journal of Music Therapy  
Canadian musician  
Canadian Winds: The Journal of the Canadian Band Association  
CBMR Digest  
Choir and organ  
Classic Record Collector  
Classical Recordings Quarterly  
Clavier Companion  
CMA Close Up  
Computer Music Journal 6 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Computing in musicology: an international directory of applications  
Contemporary Music Review 18 months
Crosscurrents (Saskatoon)  
Czech Music  
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture  
Dirty Linen: The Journal of Folk, Folk-Rock, and Traditional Music  
Double Bassist  
Early keyboard journal  
Early Music 6 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Early Music History 6 years
Early Music Performer  
Electronic Musician  
Empirical musicology review  
Entertainment Computing  
Entertainment Weekly  
Ethnomusicology 5 years
Ethnomusicology Forum 8 years (Jstor), 18 months (ASC)
Ethnomusicology Review  
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing  
Folk Music Journal 4 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
Fontes Artis Musicae 2 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
General Music Today  
Global Rhythm  
Harpsichord & Fortepiano  
Hellenic Journal of Music, Education, and Culture  
IAJRC Journal  
Illinois Music Educator  
Institute for Canadian Music Newsletter  
Intégral 3 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
International journal of community music  
International Musician  
International Piano  
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music 1 year (Jstor), None (ASC)
Intersections: Canadian journal of music=Revue canadienne de musique  
ITA Journal  
Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung  
Journal of Band Research  
Journal of Folklore Research  
Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies  
Journal of Jazz Studies  
Journal of Mathematics and Music: Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Music Theory, Analysis and Composition 18 months
Journal of Music and Meaning  
Journal of Music Theory 6 years
Journal of Music, Technology & Education  
Journal of Musicological Research 18 months
Journal of New Music Research 18 months
Journal of Popular Music Studies 1 year
Journal of Research in Music Education 4 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music  
Journal of Technology in Music Learning  
Journal of the American Musicological Society  
Journal of the International Folk Music Council  
Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa  
Journal of the Royal Musical Association 6 years (Jstor), 18 months (ASC), None (Taylor & Francis)
Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland  
Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America  
Keyboard Companion  
Kodály Enovy  
Kurybos erdves  
Leonardo Music Journal 6 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Lied und populäre Kultur / Song and Popular Culture 5 years
Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online  
Music & Letters 6 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Music Analysis 11 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Music and the Moving Image 4 years (Jstor), 1 year (Art Source)
Music Education Research 18 months
Music in Art 4 years (Jstor), None (Art Source)
Music Performance Research  
Music theory online  
Music Theory Spectrum 4 years
Music Trades  
Music Week  
Music, Sound and the Moving Image  
Musica e Tecnologia  
Musical opinion  
Musical Traditions: The Magazine for Traditional Music Throughout The World  
Musicologia Austriaca  
Musicological Explorations  
Musicology & Cultural Science  
Musicology Today  
Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa 18 months
Muzikologija: casopis Muzikoloskog instituta Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti  
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1991-) 3 years
New Sound: International Journal of Music  
Newsletter. African Music Society  
Newsletter/Institute for Studies in American Music  
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy 18 months
Notes 6 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
Offbeat: America's Roots Music Magazine from New Orleans & Louisiana  
Opera News  
Oral tradition  
Organists' Review  
Österreichische Musikzeitschrift  
Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology  
Pan: The Flute Magazine  
Per Musi  
Perfect Beat  
Performing Songwriter  
Perspectives of New Music 8 years
Popular Music 6 years
Popular Music and Society 18 months
Popular Music History  
Pro Sound News Europe  
Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki (Ufa)  
Proceedings of the Musical Association  
Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association  
Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain  
Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy  
Recorder Magazine  
Revista de la Lista Electrónica Europea de Música en la Educación  
Revista de Música Latinoamericana/Latin American Music Review 4 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
Revista musical chilena  
Revue de Musicologie 4 years
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia 3 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
Rolling stone  
Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle 6 years (Jstor), None (Taylor & Francis)
Samles: Notizen, Projekte und Kurzbeiträge zur Popularmusikforschung  
Sing Out  
Studi Musicali  
Studia Musicologica 6 years
Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae  
Tempo 6 years
The Canadian music educator  
The flutist quarterly: the official magazine of the National Flute Association  
The Galpin Society Journal 6 years
The horn call: journal of the International Horn Society  
The Journal of Musicology 4 years
The Musical Quarterly 6 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
The Musical Times 4 years (Jstor), 1 year (ASC)
The old-time herald: a magazine dedicated to old-time music  
The Organ  
The soundtrack  
The Strad  
The tracker  
Theory and Practice 4 years (Jstor), None (ASC)
Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 3 years
Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis  
Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon  
Update: Applications of Research in Music Education  
VdGSA News  
Victorian journal of music education  
Voice of Chorus America  
World Harp Congress Review/Revue du Congress Mondial de la Harpe  
Yearbook for Traditional Music 5 years
Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council