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In Media Stat Virtus KCB 2022

Digital technologies for teaching are an area of strong development of innovation in all sectors of higher education. In musical higher education, however, this process is held back by the difficulty of developing practical instrumental and vocal training, which is particularly complex in the case of multiple performers who play and/or sing together, as is the case in chamber music.

Playing together is not like having a lecture or discussion, where teachers and students interact verbally. Thus, the development of the main part of teaching in this area is stalled. However, there are some promising technological solutions. It is necessary to test them in the academic environment to see how well they meet the needs of higher education.

This could be the starting point for a methodological, technological and organizational study toward an overall assessment of the current technical possibilities and their possible practical uses up to the creation of a specific model of integrated digital didactics, tailored to the needs of higher education in chamber music.


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In Media Stat Virtus KCB 2022