MUSense KCB 2022

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, HEIs and the music and art world needed to find a new way to operate, and music students themselves had to dramatically rethink their skills and performance models.
MUSense is to fill a gap, forging HE Music Institutions to embrace the digital shift and “stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices” in order to sustain and achieve new innovative performance practices and leverage the digital media potential.

The main outcome of the project will allow targeted groups to establish a new attitude towards the performance event and the audience. MUSense will approach digital technologies not just as a simple additional communication system but will highlight how and in which way the introduction of technology transforms the music experience and the traditional aesthetic.

In MUSense, the dynamic and enduring interaction between skills and cyber performance becomes the crucial future of the new digital creative and didactic model. 

Upcoming event: MUSense Conference for Teachers, 03/05 - 06/05/2023.

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