Telmo Marques

telmo marques
School of Music and Performing Arts in Porto (ESMAE).

Telmo Marques (b. 1963) is a Portuguese pianist, composer and arranger from Oporto.
He studied Piano, Composition, and Music Analysis with Fernanda Wandschneider, Hélia
Soveral, Carlos Cebro, Jean Martin, Fernando Puchol, Fernando Lapa, Cândido Lima, Paul Trein, and
Miguel Ribeiro-Pereira. He did further studies with Jean Martin, Carlos Cebro, Fernando Puchol, and
Paul Trein. He Finished the Porto Conservatory of Music (superior diploma) with the highest grade –
20 valores. Further, he graduated in piano at the ESMAE-IPP (Prize Eugénio de Almeida – best
classification), completed a Master of Arts at Roehampton University in UK, and a PhD programme in
Computer Music at the UCP – Portuguese Catholic University (summa cum laude).

He still develops an activity as a performer, especially in chamber music and jazz combos,
playing in Portugal, Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Luxemburg,
Genève, Zurich, Macau, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, etc. As a composer, he received commissions for
Orchestral, Soloists, Chamber Music, and Advertising. Porto 2001 Cultural Capital and Guimarães 2012
Cultural Capital are both examples of those commissions. He has also contributed to a wide range of
music for theatrical plays, documentaries, and hundreds of commercials.

He has over than 100 recording participations as pianist, arranger, composer and/or producer.
Some of his compositions are published in score by BIM editions, AVA editions, and Molenaar editions.
He is professor Adjunto and Head of the Music Department in ESMAE (Superior Music School
of the Oporto Polytechnic Institute), where he teaches Music Analysis and Composition. He is also an
integrated member of the CITAR – UCP (Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts), and
a collaborative researcher of the i2ADS (Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade).